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To be part of the betacitizens Project Managers community you must be of legal age, have read the terms and conditions of use, have an email account and a mobil phone of which you are the owner and complete this form.

We will send an email to you with a link as soon as the form is submitted. Once you access that link the activation page will be loaded and you will be asked to enter a code, which will be sent by SMS to your mobile phone.

As Project Manager you can define different tasks for your project. BetaCitizens administrators verify the correct functioning of all the tasks that are created before being communicated to betatesters comunity.

At any time you can exercise your rights in relation to the data collected by betaCitizens (cancellation, modification, import, deletion) either by email: btz-legal@aui.es or from your private area on the web www.betacitizens.eu

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