Link Vision

betaCitizens (BTZ) is the platform implemented by the Spanish Internet Users Association (AUI) to facilitate the testing and evaluation of different modules (plugins and tools)developed in projects like TYPES by real end users that wants to participate as betatesters.

betaCitizens provide projects detailed profiles of each betatester without any personal identification data to guarantee total anonymity. BTZ act as interface and connection pipe between projects and citizens to garantee their privacy. betaCitizens incorporates gamification techniques and awareness to encourage participation of people, developers and others social agents.
The main objectives of betaCitizens can be summarized in:
- Manage the participation of citizens acting beta tester safely, respectful of your privacy and complying with new European laws on data protection (GDPR compliant)
- Provide platform tools that allow project managers to raise tests, assessments and materials want to undergo the evaluation of beta testers.
- Promote the incorporation of Ambassadors (individuals and organizations) who want to contribute to the dissemination of the platform.
- Implement a system of gamification to encourage the participation of different actors.
- Facilitate iteration between beta testers and those responsible for the modules in any case guaranteeing anonymity and information security.
The Association of Internet Users (AUI), a non-profit organization that manages the platform, ensures security and privacy of personal data of the participants and handles promotion internationally.