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The Internet Users Organization (AUI) is a non-lucrative entity, founded in Madrid, at a national level, in July 5th, 1995. It is registered in the Spanish National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior with the number of registration 160.095, and with tax ID number (CIF) G-81235996. Its address is: P.O. Box 29136, 28080, Madrid, Spain.
This initiative is included in the TYPES project , which has the objective of developing tools for the correct understanding and management of Privacy in the Internet for Users and Advertisers. TYPES is being financed by EU as part of the H2020 programme, in which the AUI participates along with other partners from business, academic and social environments.
The initiative is always open to collaboration with other organizations so they can act as its ambassadors, helping on its diffusion and proposing new content.